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Jackson's powerful, angular shapes represent the reflections and facets of our complex selves.Mimi So

My family and I flew to Jackson Hole one very snowy winter. It was here that I fell in love with the outdoors and the beautiful landscape of Wyoming. I find the wilderness there incredibly compelling and it draws me back every summer and winter. At that time I was reflecting on life balance and its complexities. It's difficult for me to explain how I created the shapes except to say it was more about how I was feeling. I viewed each prism of life through different forms and facets. An inner reflection and an outer reflection. I was drawn to the strong angles and breathtaking views of the Teton mountains and the bright sun reflecting off them like mirrors glaring back at you. I wanted to share with my friends this beauty that I deeply cherish, and so the Jackson collection was born.

The Jackson collection is characterized by bold, graphic shapes. Mimi's unique conglomeration of abstracted boulder forms posed technical challenges for the team who worked laboriously to create silver models in line with the rocky angles and hefty metal look that Mimi desired.

Mimi So Jackson Collection

The team spent a year carving and crafting the various bevelled shapes and the collection went through a number of evolutions. For the one-of-a-kind pieces, it took nearly two years to master the faceting of moonstones with 5 angles and in three different sizes in order to resemble the sharp slices of snowy mountains. Mimi chose several sizes and shades of blue sapphires to create the ice cold blue cast of the cold winter climate. The links and intricate joints of suspension were complicated to calculate for beauty and movement while maintaining functionality and wearability. Different sized diamonds, both pave set and prong set, celebrate the complex articulation of rock layers that weave in between trees and hidden roads from an arial view of the mountain.

Mimi So Jackson Craftsmanship

Like a mad scientist, Mimi and her devoted team worked tirelessly to create this singular and deeply personal collection of angular shapes — original designs that feel at once timeless and modern with an organic look. Jackson remains one of the most complex Mimi So collections to date due to its composition and the subtle balance of mixed stones and metal, all held together intricately while appearing simple yet majestic. Each unique shape requires a precisely calibrated count of diamonds and millimeters in order to achieve a numerically based pattern of stones throughout the design. Because there are 6 to 7 different shapes in the design, this makes it challenging to find a pleasing juxtaposition of stones and metal while remaining feminine and casual to boot.

Mimi is not afraid of a challenge. In fact, she has a tendency to take on the most difficult steps when creating her designs. For instance, in the case of the large Jackson bib and cluster necklaces, the individual shapes each carry different diamond sizes. This made it more difficult for the team to set because the stones were not one gauge in size. It took great patience, perseverance and steady collaboration to get to the finish line of this collection. It takes a dedicated team of skilled artisans and dedicated individuals from the stone sorter, model maker, jeweler, CAD designer, diamond setter, polisher and quality control expert to realize this amazing collection.

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