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As a young girl, I spent hours looking out my bedroom window and daydreaming about the bustling city outside. My signature Piece collection captures the essence of these moments with its notable graphic shapes that expand upon each other like building blocks. The signature motif, a dimensional design comprised of three concentric rectangles, recalls my early childhood window and symbolizes the past, present and future, constantly in motion. 
 Mimi So




Noted for its symmetry and clean, architectural lines, the iconic jewel of the Piece collection is the Swing necklace.During research and development, the first challenge was to arrive at the perfect proportion for each concentric frame. Once that was achieved — using the golden ratio — Mimi then fashioned each concentric rectangle with rounded corners while attaching precisely measured chains between one frame to the next. This kind of technical work requires a skilled eye and patience. The next mathematical task was to make sure the thickness of each frame would host a consistent diamond size per necklace. The Pave setting is an essential component to the overall design. Due to its simplicity, the execution of the diamond work is paramount. Each diamond is hand selected by our stone expert and measured with a gauge to ensure uniformity for each individual necklace size. To achieve this level of precision, a highly skilled stone setter must ensure that each bead is consistent and properly covers the edge of each stone and that the stones are level and not set at an angle.


Mimi So Piece NecklacesFinally, the setter must also ensure that the stones do not overlap. If they do, the stones may be easily broken. The 3-dimensional Pyramid ring represents the sequence of life, rising to the top step by step. Despite its clean, minimal form, the Pyramid design poses numerous mathematical challenges like its sister jewel, the Swing necklace. After months of research and development, the ring was realized. Each tier of the pyramid was perfectly scaled to accommodate uniform pave stonework across the top and profiles of the frames. Only a master jeweler can pierce the azures for a 2d setting and solder without leaving clumps and evidence of a joint. An expert stone technician must then hand gauge each stone to match the measurements of the setting. As complex as architecture, all the details must fit together seamlessly to give life to the masterpiece. Mimi created a particularly curved shank for this ring. The aim was to facilitate fung shui and allow energy to flow effortlessly around the piece.

Mimi So Atelier Behind the ScenesThe square edge of the shank meets the base corners of the pyramid seamlessly - a detail that goes unnoticed to the leyman. The Star group picks up where the Swing design left off: gazing outward from Mimi's childhood window into a nightscape full of stars and dreams. This dream took 8 months to translate from a sketch on paper to a perfectly proportioned gold and diamond jewel. Weeks of thought went into achieving the perfect size and weight. Mimi set the challenge to create a striking, sizable design that was also comfortable, lightweight and easy to wear. Relying on her innate sense of proportion and attention to negative and positive space, the Star was born. The greatest riddle proved to be how to achieve a seamless connection between eight beveled spokes of unequal lengths. Once the connection was made, the polisher went to work, careful not to wear down the sensitive meeting point. All designs of the Piece collection are available in 18K gold in a range of sizes and materials.

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