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The Bow ring was a labor of love for me and my team — a true representation of our highest level of hand craftsmanship. Due to its complex design, eight experts including myself, the CAD technician, model maker, stone selection manager, jeweler, stone setter polisher and quality control expert, worked timelessly for twelve months to perfect its concept and development resulting in the ultimate bow — a true fashion staple.

A cult favorite among A-listers, celebrities and loyal collectors alike, Mimi's signature Bow brings an instant smile to all who wear it. Flirty, fluid and romantic, the Bow is a whimsical reminder of life's special moments.

Mimi So Bow RingsFrom the beginning, Mimi challenged her team to build the most realistic, precious jewelry bow in existence. To achieve the Bow's unique 3-dimensional and asymmetrical shape required hours of experimental work. Mimi's team of artisans stretched, tied and knotted a variety of ribbons in order to visualize and replicate the precise folds and knots of an actual bow. Once the dips and curved details of the ribbon were selected, her jewelers began to play with clay molds to build and shape the final form. The wax mold was completed. After Mimi approves any design from the workshop, the jewelers then fabricate a silver model. For the bow, the team spent forty hours mapping out the layout of every stone in a way that would best highlight the fluidity of the bow's curves.

Next, the labor-intensive azures (the visible design work found on the inside or back of piece) were created across the silver mold. It took Mimi's master jeweler forty hours to carve out each azure across the arcs of the bow - from the round, front-facing holes to accommodate the setting of the stones, to the honeycomb carved openings on the back to complete the beauty of the piece. The mid, medium and large Bows (which all feature diamonds set inside the return of the bow) are comprised of five separate components that are seamlessly soldered and connected at each joint by a skilled jeweler. The petite and small bows are are crafted from 2 parts.

Making of Mimi So bow ring craftsmanshipThe setting is complex and time intensive. Each gemstone is meticulously hand selected and measured with a leverage gauge to fit the diameter of the seat in the azure setting. The scope of the design requires anywhere from 403 to 11 stones depending on the proportion and size of each bow. The stones in Mimi's Bow rings are set on a diagonal while following the undulating shape of its folds. Unlike settings in a straight line with singular-sized calibrated stones (which is less challenging to reproduce) each signature Bow requires stones of varying size to accommodate and enhance the design. The complexity of this ring lies in the arrangement and stone size pattern that changes for each incremental size and proportion of the Bow — a process that is completed by hand within 16 to 40 hours depending on the size of the bow and the type of stone: diamonds, rubies, emeralds or sapphires.

Mimi So Diamond Bow RingThe Bow design requires a highly experienced polisher of fine metals and platinum — someone who is fluid in the art of delicate articulation on the buffing wheel. Any polisher working on a Bow piece must possess the hands of a surgeon in order to know the precise amount of pressure to apply to the wheel. An inexperienced hand might cause damage, remove too much metal or even require the ring to be remade. At each intricate step of production, our quality control expert inspects the piece before it continues to the next step. This assures that the Mimi So standard of quality is met throughout production. After all the work is complete, a final inspection takes place ensuring the item is flawless and ready for our clients. Depending on the size of the Bow ring and the amount of diamonds or gemstones required, one ring can take between 4-6 weeks to produce.
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