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Mimi So | #heirloomofmemories


For me, jewelry is about more than the precious stones, but the memories and stories it carries. As you pass your pieces down to future generations, you’re also sharing the emotion and energy of your life experiences.

XO Mimi 

According to Mimi, jewelry is about much more than precious stones. “It’s about the memories and stories it carries with it,” she explains. “As you pass your pieces down to future generations, you’re also sharing the emotion and energy of your life experiences.” To celebrate this sentiment, and to embark on a rich and indelible tradition of storytelling, we’ve launched a beautiful new campaign called #heirloomofmemories. You will hear about the lives and the meaningful personal anecdotes of our collectors and what their Mimi So jewels mean to them. We want to know about your personal #heirloomofmemories as well, so please share them on social media, tag us, and use our hashtag. We will post your memories on our Instagram Stories along the way. 

Jewelry is in Mimi’s DNA. Her foundation is built upon family, craftsmanship and an appreciation for art and beauty.

“The meaning of jewelry is very personal for me,” she shares. “My late mother was a designer and my father is an artisan, so creativity was something I was always surrounded by in my youth. I would always play with very expensive, shiny, beautiful things and I continue to like shiny beautiful things to this very day! The collections that comprise by brand all represent different chapters of my life. When I created feathers of the Phoenix, it came from a personal journey. It was about challenges and rising through those challenges in life and what those adversities are. What I hope for from the women who wear my jewelry outside of the joy that it brings — is the fact that the story carries forward. I think that Heirloom of Memories is not just about the past or the future, it’s about now. It’s really very much about your story and the connections it creates in your life.”


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