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  • Alli McCartney #heirloomofmemories

    "I really love jewelry and fashion and self expression. I started very early in life buying myself a gift every year and as my life has gotten bigger and bigger, those gifts have gotten bigger and bigger..." 

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  • Mimi So | #heirloomofmemories

    Jewelry is about more than the precious stones, but the memories and stories it carries. As you pass your pieces down to future generations, you’re also sharing the emotion and energy of your life experiences. Discover our new campaign, #heirloomofmemories where you will see the stories of our collectors and what their jewels mean to them. View Post

    The type collection is an homage to my roots as a graphic designer. While a student at Parsons, I was constantly experimenting with typefaces until I found my own, linear aesthetic. Each initial in this collection is my whimsical take on a new classic to be worn everyday. — Mimi So The art of ... View Post

    My family and I flew to Jackson Hole one very snowy winter. It was here that I fell in love with the outdoors and the beautiful landscape of Wyoming. I find the wilderness there incredibly compelling and it draws me back every summer and winter. At that time I was reflecting on life balance and its complexities. It's difficult for me to explain how I created the shapes except to say it was more about how I was feeling. I viewed each prism of life through different forms and facets. An inner reflection and an outer reflection. I was drawn to the strong angles and breathtaking views of the Teton mountains and the bright sun reflecting off them like mirrors glaring back at you. I wanted to share with my friends this beauty that I deeply cherish, and so the Jackson collection was born.

    The Jackson collection is characterized by bold, graphic shapes. Mimi's unique conglomeration of abstracted boulder forms posed technical challenges for the team who worked laboriously to create silver models in line with the rocky angles and hefty metal look that Mimi desired. View Post

    Phoenix represents freedom, spirituality and empowerment. It serves as an uplifting reminder to believe in yourself and persevere. — Mimi So Each feather in the Phoenix collection is meticulously handmade by a team of skilled artisans. From the initial sketch to the final piece, each ... View Post


My happiness is creating beauty for others to admire and enjoy. My life philosophy is to be positive, happy, to empower others and to believe in yourself.   — Mimi So

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