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    As a young girl, I spent hours looking out my bedroom window and daydreaming about the bustling city outside. My signature Piece collection captures the essence of these moments with its notable graphic shapes that expand upon each other like building blocks. The signature motif, a dimensional d... View Post

    Inspired by a family vacation to Bogliasco in the Italian Riviera, the Zozo collection is a mesmerizing, fun and colorful addition to the Mimi So brand. Comprised of mainly one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces featuring boulder opals, the collection is one of the most complex to produce. Each Zozo opal creation is handmade by our master jewelers. A single ring, for example, can require days of wax carving in order to echo the ripples of a watery seaside landscape. View Post
  • The Bridal Atelier

    Creating the ring of her dreams is a true privilege. I’m honored to be trusted by the couples who choose us to celebrate such an important milestone." - Mimi So IT'S PERSONAL Mimi’s personal approach to design goes beyond the final product. By taking the time to get to know each client, she be... View Post
  • Mimi Attends New York Fashion Week

    Fashion week whizzed by as it tends to do, but I managed to have a blast (as usual)! After some time to mull it over, I have to say some of my favorite collections were Brandon Maxwell with his modern, sexy retro silhouette that truly celebrates the shape of a woman; Marchesa which was ethereal,... View Post

    The Bow ring was a labor of love for me and my team — a true representation of our highest level of hand craftsmanship. Due to its complex design, eight experts including myself, the CAD technician, model maker, stone selection manager, jeweler, stone setter polisher and quality control expert, w... View Post


My happiness is creating beauty for others to admire and enjoy. My life philosophy is to be positive, happy, to empower others and to believe in yourself.   — Mimi So