Wonderland Orchid Flower Bracelet


The Orchid Flower bracelet from the Wonderland collection, handcrafted with diamonds and multi-colored sapphires set in white and yellow gold.
  • Round brilliant cut diamond, 3.3 ctw
  • Blue sapphire, 1.57 ctw
  • Purple sapphire, 3.72 ctw
  • Green sapphire, 0.69 ctw
  • Length, 7"

Style ID: BC0029H

Wonderland Orchid Flower Bracelet
Wonderland Orchid Flower Bracelet

About Wonderland

Wonderland is the embodiment of an imaginary world where Mimi explores her creativity. It’s a nurturing place full of vibrant creatures and flora including the bunny, bee, ladybug, orchid, oak, owl and butterfly — all of which symbolize qualities and traits important to Mimi.

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