Mimi Debuts Limited Edition Parsons Brush Ring

Mimi So Debuts Limited Edition Parsons Ring with Daniel Martin & Chloe Flower in Celebration of AAPI Heritage Month

Mimi has teamed up with celebrity makeup artist Daniel Martin and classical pianist Chloe Flower to bring to life a limited edition ring in celebration of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. The exclusive design is a variation of Mimi So’s signature paintbrush ring from the Parsons Collection, featuring a unique red enamel finish to symbolize strength and elegance - shared qualities of the three artists and friends.

Drawing upon Mimi, Daniel, Chloe, and Shoji’s shared Asian American heritage, the rings are being released during Asian Americans Pacific Islander Heritage Month with 15% of the proceeds benefiting Apex for Youth, an organization close to Daniel’s heart given its championing of underprivileged Asian American youth in New York City.

Behind the Scenes with Mimi So and Daniel Martin Creating the Parsons Red Enamel Paintbrush Ring

The red enamel of the Parsons brush ring was the result of a dynamic creative process between Mimi and Daniel to achieve a particular hue akin to his favorite shade of red. Blending Mimi's trademark style with Daniel’s color inspiration and Chloe's artistic influence, the ring represents a coming together of creatives that celebrates individuality and the arts.

Crafted from 18k yellow gold, the unisex rings in limited edition red enamel are available in three widths and available for purchase exclusively on mimiso.com. Select rings are also inscribed with the phrase ‘Paint Your Dreams’ on the shank as a reminder that creative possibilities are endless.

"I'm thrilled to collaborate with Daniel and Chloe on this evolution of the Parsons collection, their creativity and dedication to self-expression are inspiring, and this ring is now a cherished reminder of our friendship. It's been an honor to work with them to create something truly unique that was conceptualized during a time when we were all looking for sources of hope and human connection. – Mimi So

Daniel Martin, who is known for his work with A-list celebrities and global beauty brands alike, brings his expertise in beauty and fashion to the partnership. "I've always loved Mimi's jewelry designs. It has been very special working with her to create this ring, modeled after the one that Mimi gifted to me, and with Chloe who so beautifully encapsulates the meaning behind it. I think the yellow gold with red enamel ‘paint’ version we've created is the perfect combination of elegance and edge," says Martin.

Chloe Flower, who gained global recognition for her performance with Cardi B at the 2019 Grammys, brings her classical training and modern style as the muse for the project. "I've always believed that jewelry can be a form of self-expression and love complimenting my performances with Mimi’s designs," said Flower. "Working with Mimi and Daniel has been an incredible experience, and I'm excited for people to see the meaningful piece that's been created and I’ve had the honor to represent."

The lead visuals in support of the ring’s introduction feature Chloe Flower in a raw and natural setting, shot by photographer Shoji Van Kuzumi in New York City who lent his talent as a fellow artist in his own right to the project.


Characterized by a paintbrush motif, the first series of the Parsons collection symbolized a sense of power and freedom Mimi experienced when using the instrument during her adolescence.

When first introduced to the Parsons collection, the concept of creative catharsis from holding a paintbrush spoke to Mimi's friend and fellow artist, Daniel Martin. This mutual reverence for the hope derived from the ability to 'Paint Your Dreams' inspired Mimi to design a bespoke iteration of the Parsons Brush ring featuring a colored enamel finish emulating a freshly dipped paintbrush. After weeks of perfecting the enamel treatment with her team of artisan jewelers, Mimi crafted a Parsons brush ring in 18k white gold with black enamel for Daniel, given his fondness for the color.

From there, the artistic duo dreamt up a new version of the paintbrush ring in yellow gold, featuring a red enamel finish symbolizing strength and elegance. Red, Daniel's favorite color, called upon his craft as a professional makeup artist, specifically the power and sensuality of applying a bold red lip. Mimi and Daniel set off to create the perfectly pigmented shade of red for the enameling, playing with tones of blue for depth until they felt they had captured the right color.

In search of a muse, Daniel's client & mutual friend of his and Mimi, Chloe Flower, instantly came to mind. The color spoke to the power of Chloe's artistry as a composer and classical pianist. The color's cultural and historical significance served as a nod to their shared heritage as members of the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. Once Chloe learned of the project, she enthusiastically agreed to help bring the Parsons collection's motto - Paint Your Dreams - to life via creative visuals.

"I've always believed that jewelry can be a form of self-expression and love complimenting my performances with Mimi’s designs. Working with Mimi and Daniel has been an incredible experience, and I'm excited for people to see the meaningful piece that's been created and I’ve had the honor to represent." – Chloe Flower

By incorporating the color red into the ring's design, Mimi, Daniel, and Chloe celebrate the diversity and creativity of their shared culture while empowering underprivileged Asian and immigrant youth through the sales of the ring. The ring is a wearable reminder of the creative potential and personal strength within each of us.

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