About the Anzia Collection

About the Anzia Collection

The Anzia collection is inspired by Mimi’s favorite flower, the hydrangea. Its voluminous spheres and dreamy palette of blue, pink and purple fascinated her since childhood. Mimi’s precise circular motif of five round diamonds with a center bead celebrates the beauty of this joyful and timeless bloom.

A love of hydrangeas

One of my most favorite flowers is the Hydrangea. Their rich blues, pinks and purples bring me back to childhood. Ever since I was a little girl I was fascinated by hydrangeas because they bloom in the shape of a ball. Anzia was the first collection I designed. It’s no wonder that I channeled their joyful petals for my debut as a jewelry designer. I’m drawn to their innocent and childlike spheres. I even commissioned famed cake designer Sylvia Weinstock to decorate our wedding cake with the Anzia motif.

Growing up, gardening was a hobby I shared with my mother. We planted and nurtured countless flowers together. Roses and hydrangeas among them. Anzia’s 5 petal design with a tiny bead in the center celebrates my passion for flowers. It also represents the five members of my family: me, my mother, father, brother and sister. The center bead signifies our core union. The scalloped curves along the perimeter of the design symbolize the constant flow of our energies. — XO MIMI

Behind the scenes

The five round, brilliant diamonds in each flower are identically matched to meet in perfect symmetry and depth so the design can join like a puzzle. The alignment of both depth and diameter of each ideal cut diamond requires precise measurement to the millimeter. This is required to set the flower components in a cohesive manner.

Platinum is used sparingly, so as not to be visible around the diamonds. This gives a lighter appearance and allows each stone to stand on its own and shine brilliantly. Moreover, it allows the maximum light possible to radiate amongst the perfectly nestled diamonds