About the Bow Collection

About the Bow Collection

The signature Bow collection is a whimsical reminder of life's special moments. The collection is Mimi's personal message to women of all ages, a reminder to treasure themselves and remember that they are a gift.

So Tied...

I designed the Bow collection in 2009 based on an important memory. I wanted to celebrate a huge milestone in my life, one that required me to make a daring decision. When I was little, I used to tie a string around my finger to remember important things. But now as an adult, I need a big girl string! The first bow ring was a reward for successfully buying back my company from a major luxury conglomerate during an economic meltdown. The bow is my message to women and young girls to honor themselves and to never forget life special moments. — xo Mimi

Behind the Scenes

A favorite among A-listers, celebrities, and loyal collectors alike, the bow ring became internationally recognized as a brand signature. Mimi reimagined the bow into a contemporary piece of wearable art.

Generous folds of twisted ribbon made of 18k gold are Mimi’s symbol of joy, depth, and timeless elegance. The Bow ring is a true representation of the brand’s highest level of hand craftsmanship. Eight experts including the designer, CAD technician, model maker, stone setter and selection manager, jeweler, polisher, and quality control expert worked diligently for twelve months to perfect its concept and development.

Mimi challenged her team to build the most realistic, precious jewelry Bow in existence. She wanted to mirror the look of an authentic bow tied with ribbon. In order to achieve its unique 3-dimensional and asymmetrical shape, the team spent hours experimenting. The artisans stretched, tied and knotted a variety of ribbons in order to visualize and replicate the precise folds and knot of an exquisite bow. Once the dips and curves of the ribbon were chosen, the jewelers began to play with clay molds to build and shape the final form. From there, the final wax mold solidified the design intended for production.

After Mimi’s approval,the jewelers fabricate a silver model. The team spent forty hours mapping the layout of every stone in a way that would best highlight the fluidity of the bow's curves. Next, the metalworkers pierced the labor-intensive azures across the silver mold. Azures are the visible design work on the front and back of a piece. It took Mimi's master jeweler forty hours to carve out the azures across the arcs of the bow. This included the front-facing holes to accommodate the stones and the honeycomb pattern on the back for decoration.

The mid, medium, and large Bow rings all feature five separate components. Each includes diamonds set inside the return of the bow. A skilled jeweler seamlessly solders and connects these pieces like a puzzle. The petite and small bows are crafted from 2 parts.

The setting is complex and time-intensive. Firstly, each gemstone is meticulously hand-selected and measured with a gauge to fit the diameter of the azure. The scope of the design requires 11 to 403 stones depending on the proportion and size of each bow. Moreover, the stones in Mimi's Bow rings are set diagonally around its folds. Unlike symmetrical settings with single-sized stones, each Bow ring requires stones of varying size to flatter the 3-dimensional design. Therefore, the complexity of this ring lies in the arrangement and pattern of stones for each Bow size. As a result, this process takes 6 to 40 hours depending on the bow size and type of stone used. The bows are available in diamonds, rubies, emeralds or sapphires.

The Bow design calls for a highly experienced polisher of fine metals and platinum. One who has skills of a surgeon and who knows the precise amount of pressure to apply to the wheel. An inexperienced hand may cause damage, remove too much metal or even require the ring to be remade. At each intricate step of production, the quality control expert inspects the piece before it continues to the next. This assures that the Mimi So standard of quality is met throughout production. After all the work is complete, a final inspection takes place ensuring the item is flawless and ready for clients. Depending on which Bow ring and the amount of gemstones required, one ring can take between 4-12 weeks to produce. Designed to be worn every day, individually or stacked, each Bow represents an important memory to be treasured.