About Mimi So Bridal

About the Mimi So Bridal Collection

Mimi So is an intimate brand by choice, building a solid word-of-mouth business backed by countless joyful testimonials. We’re not a massive company, nor are we an online bridal destination. Instead, we cater to those looking for a deeply personal experience with an intuitive and skilled expert to craft their most important piece of jewelry. Clients are drawn to our warm, down-to-earth approach to bridal. This, coupled with a solid track record of trust differentiates us from other establishments.

Mimi believes it’s crucial to know and understand her clients, listen to their story and their life plans. These are all important aspects when considering the perfect ring design. Be it a custom or repurposed piece, each commission reflects the pride and standards of its designer. This consistent level of service is a cornerstone of the brand. Mimi trains her team on the importance of listening and discretion and to abide by her values of service.

A sense of intimacy and meaningful beauty permeate the Mimi So brand. The inviting Crosby Street boutique facilitates an inspiring and memorable encounter. To that end, the bridal experience can unfold in a myriad of ways depending on your needs. The first step is to schedule an appointment at the boutique via email or phone. On the day of the meeting, clients meet with our expert for guidance while selecting an important stone, reviewing available styles in the boutique, or examining a family heirloom. Private consultations with Mimi can be booked in advance at our atelier.

The Mimi So atelier is home to our artisan workshop where a small team of master jewelers handcraft each piece of fine jewelry. Here, all designs are realized in a quality-controlled process overseen and executed by Mimi and her highly trained staff.

If the ring is a surprise, a collaborative effort, or a commissioned piece, Mimi’s team can help determine the best path for you. To get started, send us a few details about your custom project.

Mimi So Signature Bridal Designs


While in Spain, Mimi fell in love with the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona. The parabolic arches inside the Church inspired the design of the ring. The diamonds are set in this manner with a surrounding bezel and pave trim to mimic the curves and stucco texture of the church. The collection is named after Madrid where Mimi sketched her design onto paper after long walks through its romantic streets.


The infinity ring represents the eternal. Its intertwined motif symbolizes the union of two as one.

Signature Solitare

The Signature solitaire’s clean, sensual lines and soft curves perfectly highlight any stone’s beauty. Each basket is handmade to seamlessly accommodate your chosen stone. The height is expertly gauged to bring out the brilliance of the stone’s reflection.


Our wonderland collection takes inspiration from the natural world. The hand carved textured shank of the organic twig ring perfectly juxtaposes the polish and shine of a diamond or gemstone of your choice.


The angular ridges along the Jackson band recall the beauty and majesty of the mighty Teton Mountains. Jackson signifies a solid foundation.


The graceful twists of ivy accented with diamond blossoms highlight the beauty of marriage, its sacred union and the promise of life’s surprises yet to unfold.