About the Rosette Collection Mimi So

About the Rosette Collection

About the Rosette Collection

Appearing as magical drops of light suspended against the skin, the Rosette collection features a series of rose-cut diamond necklaces designed to be worn individually or layered for a customized look that's all your own.

the perfect everyday necklace...

The Rosette collection was my answer to a never-ending search for the perfect daily necklace – the one I'd never have to take off. I wanted it to be diamond-centric yet subtle enough for everyday wear, whether I was going to the market or heading to a meeting.
This collection of necklaces features rose-cut diamonds suspended on a chain, without any metal surrounding the stones. I wanted to create an optical illusion, for the diamonds to appear as if they were magically floating. So, I thought it would be fun (albeit crazy) to try and pierce right through a perfect diamond.
I started by re-purposing and reshaping a vintage rose cut diamond I had sitting in my jewelry box. I chose the rose-cut specifically because it doesn't have a pointed culet on the bottom either, which allows it to lay comfortably on the skin. I knew only a diamond would be strong enough to withstand this challenge!
The versatility of the necklace is great – I can wear it alone or alongside other necklaces when I want a more layered look. I constantly forget to change my jewelry when I'm traveling, so I needed that one staple piece in my wardrobe.
My friends would notice my necklace and would purchase it right off my neck, so I decided it was time to offer them other options than the one I wear! I decided to turn what started as a personal project into a collection featuring different size diamonds and gold colors to match each individual’s personal style. - xo Mimi
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