Heirloom of Memories – Chester, Chester, Chester

Chester, Chester, Chester


Finally, Chester gets a word in. As the official Mimi So mascot and muse, Chester has exquisite taste in women's jewelry. With a preference for gold and diamond necklaces. Here, he waxes on about his current obsessions, life with Mimi, and of course his love of jewels. 




I go to Jackson Hole with my family every year. We love the outdoors and landscape of Wyoming. On a Teton mountain hike, surrounded by so much nature, I found myself reflecting on life balance and complexities, the the butt smell of a Doberman that passed by (not bad but it’s no Brussels Griffin), the hair cut I was in need of. Mimi was taking photos and talking a lot about angles and how the sun reflects off the mountains.

I knew exactly what she was talking about and could tell a new design was around the corner. She began sketching furiously when we got home. I always sit on her lap while she does this. My presence helps her focus. She calls me the brand mascot but I’m much more muse than mascot. She was debating between two necklace shapes. She stared at the paper for a long time. But to me, it was clear which one needed to go into the collection.

I jumped on the desk and pawed the one I liked over and over but she didn’t seem to understand. Now I should let you know that I’m toilet trained. I never go inside. EVER! But I needed her attention. I lifted my back leg and dribbled a little on the one I thought needed to go. Just a little. At first, she screamed, "CHESTER!" But I kept pointing and pointing with my paw and she finally got it. “OMG, you’re right!” She swiftly picked up the one I was in love with – it’s now on my neck and by far my favorite piece – and it went into mold production the next day. I wear it whenever I can manage. It’s bold, strong, organic at the same time – like the trip we all took together. That’s what it reminds me of. And the diamonds. I am a diamond kind of dog and this one suits my coloring and personality just right. Mimi knows it can usually be found somewhere hidden in my bed when it’s missing from the case.

You’d think she would change the keys by now…