Heirloom of Memories - Debbie Hodges

"Each of my Mimi So pieces has meaning from the Anzia diamond necklace Bill bought when we couldn't afford it (then returned it and re-bought it!) to my three stacking rings, to the Gate B9 gold necklace I wear almost every day to work."

A long time client of Mimi's from the early days of the company, Debbie's first piece was the wedding ring her husband had commissioned (along with a men's band for himself.) Since then, Debbie has collected a number of Mimi's jewels including the signature Piece square swing, a diamond necklace which represents the past, present and future. On a personal note, the concentric squares of this necklace represent each of her three daughters.

Another piece was a commission for her 50th birthday, a special bracelet featuring the birthstones of her children. Her husband always returns to Mimi and she in turn consistently helps him to find the right piece. Most recently, it was a special jewel for their 25th anniversary. "I got this necklace for a very special occasion," Debbie quips about her B9 chain, "it was my husband's 50th birthday. And I had been looking at this piece for probably 5 years, and I just wasn't going to buy it, couldn't afford it. I got a call from Mimi and she told me that she could put this necklace in the sale specifically for me, so I came over and looked at it and tried it on for probably the tenth time, and she said to me, are there any special events coming up, and I said, well, my husband is turning 50. She said, sounds like a good event to me! She called him up and told him that he had to give me the necklace and we got it delivered for his birthday and I got to unwrap it at his party."

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