How to Choose the Right Hoop Size


How to Choose the Right Hoop Size

Regardless of material and size, hoop earrings are a staple go-to in any jewelry collection but figuring out the perfect size can be challenging. Here are some personal factors to consider when choosing the perfect hoop earrings for you.


Consider Your Lifestyle

Consider a small or medium size for your first pair, something you feel comfortable wearing daily, from morning to night. "For smaller hoops, it's like a pair of flats – you can't go wrong. They're easy, and you can wear them to the market, to play tennis, golf, or even to your favorite yoga class," equivocates Mimi.


Consider Your Wardrobe 

Larger hoops are more of a fashion statement, so they're great for an evening event or whenever your daytime look needs a bit more attitude. Large hoop earrings can also help frame your face by adding definition to your features, complimenting your jawline and cheekbones. 


"When you want to have a less conservative look, go larger with a size you feel good. Try on a 2-inch pair. Now, if you really want a "Disco Vibe" there is nothing wrong with 2.75 inches...SO FUN! Thin, delicate ones like our Jackson hoops have chiseled facets that catch the light brilliantly without feeling bulky. They're incredibly lightweight too – I can't wear heavy earrings, so I test all the sizes out myself," says Mimi.