International Women's Day – A Tribute to Mothers & Daughters

A Tribute to Mothers & Daugthers



International Women's Day is dedicated to celebrating the international achievements of women throughout history and the remarkable women who raised, nurtured, comforted, and ultimately shaped us. In honor of IWD, Mimi and Coco reflect on their inspirations, childhood dreams, and mutual hopes for the future — paying tribute to the unbreakable bond between mothers & daughters.


Q: What did you want to be when you were young?

Mimi: An "artiste!"

Q: What did you want to be when you were your daughter's age?
Mimi: A rock star!

Q: Did you always love jewelry? Why did you make the switch from rock star to jewelry designer? 
Mimi: My mother, Nancy, was a bold and courageous woman. She juggled multiple roles daily—including wife, mother, student, and entrepreneur. She studied at FIT and possessed a deep love of fashion, later becoming a jewelry designer.

Growing up, my mother exposed me to the joy and happiness in creating beauty for others. My mom had the most fantastic eye for details, especially when it came to gemstones, a trait I inherited and attribute to her.

Q: Looking back, who was the biggest female influence in your life?

Mimi: My mom. She was a self-starter with an exceptionally diligent work ethic. My parents owned a small jewelry store in downtown New York. She would work all day, close the shop, put dinner on the table for my siblings and me, and then attend one of her night classes! Not only was she studying design, but as a nonnative, my mother also took English courses to improve her writing, grammar, and pronunciation.

Despite the innumerable hardships life thew at her, my mom was the kind of woman that faced her struggles head-on. Her passion and perseverance inspired me to great lengths—including the belief that life is full of infinite possibilities, limited only by my ability to dream. Now that I'm a mother myself, I try to pass on my mother's pearls of wisdom to my many as I can!

Q: Looking forward to the future, what are your hopes for Coco?
Mimi: I hope she is fearless, unafraid to take life on. There will be setbacks and even failures along the way, but if you don't risk something, you'll never gain anything. I hope Coco is independent, confident, and compassionate! I hope she gets to experience all the beautiful wonders life has to offer...and watch after her baby brother, of course!

Q: Coco, what did you want to be when you were younger?
Coco: An astronaut. 

Q: Now that you're nearly 18, what would you like to be when you're your mother's age?
Coco: A mother of my own family.

Q: You're the daughter of two entrepreneurs &emdash; have you ever thought about in starting your own business one day?
Coco: Maybe. I enjoy being the first person to do something, regardless if challenges arise from doing so. It's an important element I like to live my life by, and I'm grateful to my parents for giving me the courage to take risks. 



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