Heirloom of Memories - Liz Kaplan

For Liz Kaplan, a commercial real estate broker, her two Mimi So bow rings are everything.

The figurative bow has always been a mystical symbol for her, signifying the intertwining of friendships, including her own with Mimi. So when she first saw Mimi's jewelry and the bow rings, she knew she had to have one. Over the course of 10 years, she and Mimi discussed size, color, fit and today, Liz is the proud owner of two large bow rings which she often wears together (one with white diamonds and the other with emeralds.) One is a self purchase, and the other, a mother's day gift from her husband. Mimi always describes her bows as a fun, flirty and whimsical reminder of life's special moments. On the surface, the bow ring perches effortlessly on the finger, but in reality, this precious jewel is a truly complex design and a feat of engineering.

Here, the story of the Bow in Liz's words: "I first saw the ring about ten or eleven years ago when I met Mimi So. My reaction was 'I've got to have this!' I actually commissioned one in emerald and [yellow] gold because my company is called Emerald Equities. This is my own company, so I really wanted something that would represent my company. Green is my favorite color and Mimi and I worked on something very, very special and unique. The design of the emerald and gold took about eight weeks to complete, so when the phone rang and she told me 'it's ready,' she came over to my apartment, her and her husband, I was just blown away. It was the most magnificent thing I've ever seen. So unique, special and very different because no one really has it. I get compliments everywhere I go.” A cult favorite among A-listers, celebrities and loyal collectors alike, Mimi's signature Bow brings an instant smile to all who wear it. Flirty, fluid and romantic, the Bow is a playful reminder of important moments.