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  • International Mother's Day: A Tribute to Mother's & Daughters

    International Women's Day is dedicated to celebrating the international achievements of women throughout history and the remarkable women who raised, nurtured, comforted, and ultimately shaped us. In honor of IWD, Mimi and Coco reflect on their inspirations, childhood dreams, and mutual hopes fo... View Post
  • Laura & Marc #heirloomofmemories

    Marc sat down with her once and instantly knew this was the place he needed to be.  Mimi listened to his story and what he was looking for, examined his mum's ring, and looked at pictures of rings I liked.  From there she just asked Marc to trust her, which he easily did. The result was better than both of us could have dreamed. 

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  • Stephanie Stahl #heirloomofmemories

    “I wear my diamond wedding band and engagement ring every day,” she explains, “I like to switch watches depending on the day — either a black diamond Patek, a Cartier Panther, an Hermes Apple Watch or a Shinola. I tend to wear my diamond stud earrings a lot, or hoops in a range of metals.” 

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  • Christine Handy #heirloomofmemories

    "I think the Phoenix best represents me, although I have the Piece collection too and I feel like that applies to my story as well. I certainly did rise from the ashes as in the Phoenix…many times...

    The beauty is in that, the beauty in the ashes.”

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  • Debbie Hodges #heirloomofmemories

    Another piece was a commission for her 50th birthday, a special bracelet featuring the birthstones of her children. Her husband always returns to Mimi and she in turn consistently helps him to find the right piece. Most recently, it was a special jewel for their 25th anniversary. 

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My happiness is creating beauty for others to admire and enjoy. My life philosophy is to be positive, happy, to empower others and to believe in yourself.   — Mimi So

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