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Heirloom of Memories – Laura & Marc

Marc sat down with her once and instantly knew this was the place he needed to be.  Mimi listened to his story and what he was looking for, examined his mum's ring, and looked at pictures of rings I liked.  From there she just asked Marc to trust her, which he easily did. The result was better than both of us could have dreamed. 

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Mimi Goes to Washington D.C. | The State Luncheon

Mimi Goes to Washington D.C. President Obama invited me to join Vice President Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry to welcome President Xi Jinping and Madame Liyuan to the USA at the official State Luncheon...There were many highlights such as meeting Madame Albright, Dr. Kissinger, telling Secretary John Kerry I just want to shake the hand of the man who shook the Pope’s hand a few hours earlier! Connecting the dots of history right before me. The days of Dr Kissinger serving President Kennedy was a very important era for my parents, the stories I listened to as a child felt surreal. The stories of how we were all immigrants at some point coming to this great land to work, build, provide for our families and do great things!  

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Mimi Attends New York Fashion Week

I’m loving this season’s emerging trends. From ultra feminine florals and ruffles which are in absolute sync with my bow and wonderland collections to the urban cool athleisure looks which speak to my signature minimal piece collection. I’m in heaven.

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