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International Women's Day – A Tribute to Mothers & Daughters

In honor of IWD, Mimi and Coco reflect on their inspirations, childhood dreams, and mutual hopes for the future — paying tribute to the unbreakable bond between mothers & daughters.

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Why the Mimi So Bow Ring Collection is a Must-Have

The Bow ring is a true representation of Mimi's highest level of hand craftsmanship. Due to its complex design, nine experts, including the designer, model maker, setter, jeweler, cad designer, sketch artist, stone selector, polisher and quality controller, worked tirelessly for twelve months to perfect its concept and development. The result is a beautiful collection of earrings, rings and necklaces. Diamond Bow rings: Each gemstone is meticulously hand selected and measured with a leverage gauge to fit the diameter of the seat in the azure setting. The Bow design requires a highly experienced polisher of fine metal and platinum. Someone who is fluid in the art of delicate articulation on the buffing wheel. It's essential that the polisher has the skill of a surgeon to know the precise amount of pressure to apply to the wheel. An inexperienced hand might cause damage, remove too much metal or even require the ring to be remade. After all the work is complete, our quality assurance expert examines every ring. At this stage, each aspect of the design and assembly process is under rigid scrutiny: the assembly of the metal work, the settings, stone selection and polishing. If the piece passes the Mimi So standard of excellence, it is ready for our clients. Depending on the size of the Bow ring and the amount of diamonds or gemstones required, one ring can take between 4-6 weeks to produce. See the Mimi So Bow Diamond Ring Collection here   How did you come up with the diamond bow ring design? Traditionally, my designs are inspired by personal experiences. The idea for the Bow collection emerged during a milestone occasion in my career. I wanted to create a jewel inspired by this idea of noting an important moment. A lightbulb went off when I recalled the act of knotting a string around your finger to remember something meaningful. Growing up as a tomboy with an older brother, I was that girl who wore a pink tutu with Keds. On the surface, I projected the face of a superhero while inside I was truly a girlie girl. I have always challenged myself to be the best at everything I do, so I held onto this philosophy with the mission to create the most badass, modern bow! Happy and voluminous with an edge. It had to be iconic, or else why wear one? I also designed the bow rings to be stackable so you can style them as an expression of who you are by mixing and matching the sizes and colors.   Why is the Mimi So Diamond Bow Ring so unique? The Mimi So Bow ring is unique because it brings a smile to every woman who sees or wears it. My greatest reward and validation is when I convert a non-bow wearer into an official Bow ring owner. The Bow ring really has an attitude of its own. Its an unexpected take on a feminine classic. It’s artistic and fashionable and incredibly complicated to make. The bow is assembled from multiple parts in order to achieve its curvature and requires highly skilled artisan jewelers and setters to complete each piece. Read my blog about the assembly of the bow jewelry. You have designed diamond bow rings, diamond bow necklaces and diamond bow earrings. What’s next? I’m designing a Bow engagement ring. This would be the ultimate romantic and feminine over the top dream engagement ring! It's like the frosting on a cake. A bride’s dreamiest engagement ring. I can’t wait to unveil it. See all Mimi So Engagement rings here   Your diamond bows are often seen on the red carpet. Who is your favorite "Diamond Bow carrier" and how does it make you feel to see your products on the red carpet? I really don't have a favorite celebrity for my Bow rings. I think the Bow ring suits ladies from Kristen Stewart to Jennifer Lopez and everyone in between. Everyone wears it differently and reinvents it with their personal style - I love watching what each celebrity brings to the design. Each time we see our Bow collection on the red carpet I get excited because it’s so fun to watch them out in the world being worn from one award show to the next!  

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Heirloom of Memories – Mimi So

Jewelry is about more than the precious stones, but the memories and stories it carries. As you pass your pieces down to future generations, you’re also sharing the emotion and energy of your life experiences. Discover our new campaign, #heirloomofmemories where you will see the stories of our collectors and what their jewels mean to them.

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Heirloom of Memories - Stephanie Majak

She said to me, I want to make something for you that's going to make you shine. And I knew that I would get something back from her that I would really care about, that would be special for me, that would make me feel really unique. 

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Heirloom of Memories - Stephanie Stahl

“I wear my diamond wedding band and engagement ring every day,” she explains, “I like to switch watches depending on the day — either a black diamond Patek, a Cartier Panther, an Hermes Apple Watch or a Shinola. I tend to wear my diamond stud earrings a lot, or hoops in a range of metals.” 

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Heirloom of Memories – Christine Handy

"I think the Phoenix best represents me, although I have the Piece collection too and I feel like that applies to my story as well. I certainly did rise from the ashes as in the Phoenix…many times... The beauty is in that, the beauty in the ashes.”

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Heirloom of Memories - Debbie Hodges

Another piece was a commission for her 50th birthday, a special bracelet featuring the birthstones of her children. Her husband always returns to Mimi and she in turn consistently helps him to find the right piece. Most recently, it was a special jewel for their 25th anniversary. 

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